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    Looking for a Jim for a WereLock AU


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    Looking for a Jim for a WereLock AU

    Post by Wholockmom25 on Sat Jun 14, 2014 12:21 am

    I need a Jim for my MorMor Werelock AU, I've had no luck on Omegle so honestly I don't know if my prompts even any good but I really like the prompt so I want to see where it can go. Here is the prompt ...

    Sebastian Moran was born a Were, a Colonel in the British Army, and somehow had managed to keep his state a secret the entire time he was active. He wasn’t really sure how he had managed but he had until now, now he wasn’t sure who had captured him, but they had found him and clapped chains around his neck to keep him from killing them. He growled at any men who came near the cage,and he was snapping at any who dared try to enter. This was his own fault but he hated that he had let himself get caught, whoever had caught him had put him up for auction ,the market place was dark and damp and the cage he was in wasn’t nearly big enough so in his Wolf form he wasn’t able to stretch his body fully. His Wolf was a tawny color with golden streaks and his eyes remained the bright blue of his human self, and he was nearly as tall as an average human male.

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