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    Someone Needed Tech Support?

    Argyle Socks

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    Someone Needed Tech Support?

    Post by Argyle Socks on Tue Apr 01, 2014 11:42 am

    Here's a brief summary of my role play idea:

    Beyond the widely known occupations of Police Officer and Consulting Detective, Scotland Yard has more ordinary jobs as well. One in particular is the job of the Computer Technician, and the position is held by an ambitious young American by the name of Sage Underwood. Out of sheer curiosity, she peeks into the file of an ongoing case, and slowly grows compelled to try and solve it. Secrets can't be kept for long, and she may even put herself in danger. As long as no one knows, what harm could she possibly cause?

    I would prefer a Sherlock for this, and/or a John.
    I was thinking of just having it be a typical role play. But if anyone's interested it could be a more pairing-like one.

    If you're interested, like to know more, or anything like that then please reply or send me a PM!
    Thank you guys Smile

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