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    The Vampire on The Roof



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    The Vampire on The Roof

    Post by EmmaDixon on Tue Apr 01, 2014 1:48 am

    Hello this is basically a 20's Sherlock Rp, Emma is a Vampire, she and Sherlock are the closest friends, Emma is sitting on the roof of her apartment flipping a knife up and down, she is thinking how she is going to tell Sherlock who she was, when she slips to fall 10 stories to the ground, right in front of Sherlock's feet, she pretends to be unconscious. Emma is 19, Sherlock is 20 and Emma is 5.6" and very slim and scarily cold skinned and pale, she has long brown hair and her eyes change to her will. So Sherlock, as you can imagine, is pretty freaked out!

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