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    Looking for Any Canon Characters and/or OC for Parentlock


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    Looking for Any Canon Characters and/or OC for Parentlock

    Post by Moriarty's_Daughter_2002 on Tue Mar 11, 2014 12:03 pm

    Hi! I'm in the mood for a Parentlock. I'm willing to double as any character, and I'm open to Canon Characters and Original Characters.  I'm really not to picky when it comes to characters, but I'm going to post a bio here so you know what you're working with Wink

    Name: Thesis Moriarty
    Age: 12
    Looks: Same as Avatar
    Family: Jim Moriarty; Father
    Friends: Sherlock Holmes, John Watson
    Likes: Walks, reading, writing
    Dislikes: Pretty much anything stupid her dad does
    Hobbies: Violin, writing
    Extra(s): Has asthma, so sometimes it makes it hard for her to run. Very sneaky when it comes to going to visit John and Sherlock, she doesn't want her dad to find out.

    So whatever you're comfortable with, I should be to!

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