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    Characters Needed for Portal!Lock


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    Characters Needed for Portal!Lock

    Post by BackofBeyond on Tue Dec 31, 2013 9:31 am

    Hello everyone! Again. If you've wondered where I've suddenly disappeared to after I introduced myself, I've been reading the Rps on here and doing AUs on Omegle. Unfortunately though, after reading/writing so much fiction and rping on Omegle, I still haven't figured out who I'd be good as just yet. (Translation: I need lots of practice. ) But hey, that's what RPing on Omegle is for, right? And that sort of brings me to the real reason of why I'm even posting this.

    Before I got into Sherlock, I was a major portal fan. I had a Tumblr Portal RP blog and got nearly all of the merchandize; except for the Portal gun. (200$ for lights and plastic. It's insane!) So anyways, now that I'm hooked on Sherlock as well, I got the idea of doing a crossover for the both of them!

    You don't have to be familiar with the game to join in; it’s actually got a pretty simple and fun concept. An Insane Artificial intelligence controlling an underground ‘abandoned’ science facility tests humans with life-threatening, mind-blowing puzzles until they bite the dust. (Okay, probably doesn't sound as fun as I described it as, but trust me; it's the best game in all of history.) I’ve seen such adorable fanart and Rps of this crossover and I just can’t stand the wait any longer. Let the testing begin!

    Of course we're going to be needing some main characters. I don't plan on having many (If any at all) main characters of the original game, because I believe it would work much easier if we just used the character from Sherlock. (We're not exactly replacing the characters from the original. More as.. creating a side-story. ) I still can't decide on my character, so I'm probably just going to assume the position of GM and take control of any NPC's. But if anyone's interested in working out the details of the plot with me, let me know! I hope this grabs some attention. ~Beyond

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