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    Need an OC teen/overly nervous Molly?



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    Need an OC teen/overly nervous Molly?

    Post by Augsp on Sun Nov 10, 2013 2:04 am

    Yeah, that's all I can think of right now. I definately cannot be Sherlock or Jim or John, I'm not that expirienced yet. I do play dark characters once in a while, but I've never roleplayed a boy or a man very properly. I can offer a damaged teenage girl, though. I guess my writing's not as long, this is about as long as I can go:
    This is something I posted earlier today:
    After an agonizing session of sludging through Jane Austen, Lily was postiviely hysterical from the lack of movement. Sure, her brain had worked, but when she meant work, she meant physical work, like sports, or well...........moving around. Books, especially classics, bored her to death. Lily idn't have anything against books. She loved books. But when it came to classics, it was a bore. Espescially that Austen woman's dull writing.
    Remind me, how is this writing supposed to
    She threw her mechanical pencil onto the floor, and went to her closet. That writing practice could wait. It was lucky that her mom didn't have Ranger's number. othewise, she'd be very, very cross with her young daughter.
    Pulling on her coat, she swapped her slippers for a pair of boots and headed out. Time for a little fun. Maybe she'd go to the Knightwatch base, bully anybody there to play with her. That was the one downside with her teammates; Lily was too young for most of them. No one would of her mental age to play with her.
    Normally, she'd converse with them, but always feel very young, compared to the others. Grant, she fgured, would fit well with them.
    The park looked beautiful today. It was sad that she didn't have friends. Technically, she did have a few, but she never knew about where they were. She would have wanted to call them, and spend some time with them.
    Well then, time to seek out someone alone to play with.
    She scanned the lively area, one hand obove her eyes to shield her eyes from the sunlight. It wasn't too hard.
    Everybody was so occupied with their company to notice the boy, saying goodbye to an older man. A cousin? Probably a family memeber. But........odd. Why would a man leave a family member, a young one at that, at a park?
    She continued to watch the kid. He seemed........confused. Time to act.
    She walked in front of the boy and smiled brightly.
    "Hi. Why are you alone?"
    or about as professional. Sorry, might be lacking a little for a proper roleplay. But if you ever need a moody teenage girl, or just a bubbly Molly/OC, come and check me out!

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