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    My Original Character - Hannah Green



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    My Original Character - Hannah Green

    Post by sweetstripedwatson on Sat Apr 13, 2013 8:48 am

    Name: Hannah Green

    Age: 31

    About: Grew up in a small rural town in New England (America). She was always rather intelligent, one of the smartest in her class. Her friend, Sydney, was rather similar to Sherlock in a few ways, and because of that, she doesn't mind his odd... behavior. Her other best friend was strange; she suffered from depression for a small part of her life, and was somewhat aggressive. Hannah was nice to just about everyone she met, and she still is. She's pretty level-headed, and she can keep calm in almost any situation. Overall she's really just an average person to anyone who may have just met her.
    Hannah is a veterinary school graduate, and recently moved to London for a wonderful job offer. Her dad had traveled a lot when she was young, and her favorite place that she ever went was England. Living there would have been a dream, and she finally made it. Most of her family, however, had a job in law-enforcement, so she really knows her way around that kind of career as well.

    Looks/Style: Long, wavy brown hair and blue eyes. 5'8". She prefers to wear jeans with a nice t-shirt if she can, but she has no problem dressing up for an event.

    Skills: Extensive medical knowledge, strong abilities in most of the arts (painting/drawing, instruments, acting), and she's pretty familiar with self-defense

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    Re: My Original Character - Hannah Green

    Post by Sherlock Holmes on Sat Apr 13, 2013 6:10 pm

    Sounds cool!

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