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    Desperate to start this rp!


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    Desperate to start this rp!

    Post by ShonLecroft on Sat Nov 10, 2012 2:52 am

    Alrighty Folks I just wanted to announce that I've absolutely been dying to do this RP idea I've had in my head for a long time. I'm going to post the layout and I've even written a first post so you can get a feel for it. Anyone and everyone who is interested in this rp please contact me and we will discuss! Step right up Folks don't be Shy for I do not bite...hard...unless asked to ^_^

    3)~ Tools of the Trade ~ AU Sherlock based RP. You know how Sargent Sally Donovan said that one day they would be surrounding a body and Sherlock Holmes would be the one that put it there? Well welcome to the story where Sherlock is the Killer.

    Sherlock Holmes

    Age: 34

    Occupation: Bored Genius, He will do just about anything to stop being bored.

    Gregory Lestrade

    Age: 36

    Occupation: Detective Inspector

    Pretty much it is going to start with Mycroft Holmes , who will omit his name at the time, Approaches DI Lestrade who had just welcomed his long time friend John Watson home from the war. He is going to help them catch the ever elusive 'Smiley Face' AKA Sherlock. No one knows anything about Smiley Face obviously. What happens when said killer starts to talk to John?

    Ok so I am looking for a John and a Mycroft. I know in my first post I have texted as Mycroft but I kinda needed things to get going. So here is my first post.


    Greg Lestrade was standing outside the airport. It was almost midnight and the rain had luckily let up. It had been pouring buckets all day. He had a smoke in hand as he lent against the car taking drag after drag from his smoke. He was very happy to have his old time friend coming back home yet at the same time he almost wished he'd picked a better time. Things were pretty much going to hell in a hand basket what with his orders from his superior about his latest case, then sleek black cars pulling up outside of his work watching until he came out, he'd also had a secret phone sent to his flat and he only ever got messages from someone called MH telling him to be weary and to take care while he was on the track of the SK they were calling Smiley Face. Why Smiley Face? Because at every crime scene they would find someone dead and their would be a Smiley Face and sometimes a taunting note left behind.

    There was never any evidence to track back to the killer and when Greg dug deeper he'd get a message telling him to back off again by this MH. Just who the Hell were these men that were coming to rule his life. He sighed flipping threw the file at all the victims. They all were criminals of a sort themselves. So it seemed their SFK -Smiley Face Killer was a sort of Vigilante. But no matter the case his boss wanted this man caught and doing time. Greg wanted to find the man and give him a medal.

    He stomped out the butt of his smoke before lighting another one. John would scold him for sure. He had quite a long time ago but with the recent mess with his wife who was quickly moving top becoming his ex wife and this new killer things were flipping upside down in his world.


    Stop interfering in my life Mycroft. I know what I'm doing. I stopped needing my hand held the second I walked which if I recall mummy saying was 1 year before you did -SH

    That just it Sherlock. You still haven't grown up from that year. Do you know how hard it is to lie to Mummy about you all the time. Your going to break her heart - MH

    As if you haven't broken it already Mr. Top Notch Secret Spy - SH

    For the last time I'm not a spy I am a small government official, Grow up - MH

    Oh but I have brother dear, now if you'll excuse me there's another request for my services I'll make this Smiley Face look like you. - SH


    Sherlock stuffed the phone back in his pocket ignoring the vibrations in his pocket. He stood on a rooftop over looking London and sighed and took a drag from his smoke. Bored. He was getting so bored. It was to easy to fool these people. He knew his brother had a contact in the MET and was keeping an eye out on his activities.

    Another Vibration only it felt different. Special text.

    He opened it and grinned. Oh this was delicious.

    I know your getting bored dear. Why don't we heat things up? - JM

    I'm listening - SH

    I am aware your dear brother is trying to police you into giving up your wrong doings and go clean. Let's play a little game with them Shall we? I've recently offered a man some money for every person he kills. I wont tell you much more than that. Its a riddle you need to solve. Play the hero Sherlock while being the Villain. for once you find him you are to kill him and leave your mark as usual. Sound like Fun?- JM

    Sherlock smirked. This...could be something new and interesting indeed.

    Give me my accommodations. You know my methods - SH

    Already done. Your location is 221B Baker street. Rent's a little steep. Might want to look into a flat share. TTFN - JM

    Sherlock placed the phone in his pocket and flicked his smoke away. Things were getting more interesting indeed.

    The Consulting Detective

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    Re: Desperate to start this rp!

    Post by The Consulting Detective on Sat Nov 10, 2012 3:20 am

    Ohhhhh nice! Fantastic! Brilliant! I love AU

    I'd like to do John!!

    (though I am not sure if I can manage with school... depends on how long the posts will be and on how regularly we post and in which time streams we all are)

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    Re: Desperate to start this rp!

    Post by MollyHooper55 on Sat Jan 19, 2013 5:53 am

    (( OH MY GOSH Can i please be molly? pretty please? Smile Razz ))

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    Re: Desperate to start this rp!

    Post by Sherlock-Alexander-Holmes on Sat Apr 06, 2013 5:58 am

    ((Ill do Mycroft!))

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    Re: Desperate to start this rp!

    Post by ShonLecroft on Thu Jun 06, 2013 11:46 am

    Alrighty seems I have a Molly and Mycroft on board. Now just waiting to see if we get a John. If any of you have a question of what you think should happen plot wise feel free to message me and we can plot all sorts of delicious things. Thanks for all who volunteered =]

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    Re: Desperate to start this rp!

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